Gilly Beal 2

Gilly Beal, a former Bali resident, wanted to capture a design element from the island she loves so much in her ceramics. She always admired the craftsmanship inherent in the traditional Bali Aga baskets – that take months to make and feature a fine, even weave. Taking these as her inspiration, she has created a series of ceramic pieces that pay homage to the beauty of the baskets. Each piece is individually made by hand and is therefore unique, and each design comes in a limited edition of 50.

Singapore-based artist Gilly Beal studied art in London at Kensington & Chelsea College and the Slade. Her work typically makes reference to the 25 years she has spent living in Asia. She often takes traditional techniques and materials and adds a contemporary, Western-influenced spin.


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July 5, 2018