Crafting Coral – Stepping into New Territory

Crafting Coral – Stepping into New Territory

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5 June 2024

Since the plantation of their first handmade ceramic coral propagation device two years ago, Crafting Coral has swiftly spread to four locations; the Maldives, Bali, and two locations in Lombok. The core of the programme lies in inviting communities to be part of coral propagation, from hand building clay forms to planting ceramic structures onto the reef. Bringing the risks our coral reefs face to the forefront of conversations on land, and to a new audience, is where the programme strives to make the most impact. With over 90% of our reefs predicted to disappear by 2050, these conversations are more vital than ever before.

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Witnessing the degradation of coral reefs in her mother’s home country, ceramicist Sara Howard, instigated research in how ceramics, a material she has worked closely with since 2018, can aid reef restoration. ‘Analysing various coral restoration practices, she noticed that it was often being carried out by marine biologists and those who engaged with marine life regularly as a diver or a surfer. Many locals who live in coastal areas know little about their coral reefs, the impact it has on their daily lives and the threats they are currently facing. Crafting Coral is a tool to engage those communities, a place to have these vital discussions and an opportunity for the everyday person, like ourselves, to have the opportunity to be part of the coral propagation progress.

In 2022, Sara had the opportunity to bring her research to the real world, with the first pilot study in Maldives. Since then, over 1,000 individuals have taken part in Crafting Coral globally. Ceramics as a material provide a low impact alternative to materials like steel, concrete, and plastic cable ties typically used in propagation. Most importantly, the making process creates a space for discussion around the risks corals are facing and the coral propagation process. Engaging an audience who have reduced accessibility to marine life.

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For the first time ever, we are excited to offer a combined ceramic and plantation workshop in Sanur, Bali, partnering with Rip Curl and Jonni (director of the School of Surf in Sanur). In the two phase programme, you will learn the hand building techniques required to make your ceramic propagation device. In the second phase of the programme, the team will lead you through the steps of coral propagation utilising the ceramic structures. Join us in saving our coral reefs, one at a time.

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Get in touch with our Kevala Studio team to find out more and book a workshop through +62 87754784534 (Whatsapp) or @kevalastudio (Instagram). Follow @craftingcoral on instagram for their journey in trying to better our coral reefs’ state


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