Creating Sustainability in Ceramics


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Our Bond with Earth

The intimate relationship we have with a finite natural resource like clay has formed our relationship with the environment. We take every possible step to eliminate anything heading towards a landfill and we are continually looking for new ways to make a positive impact.

Conscious of the issues surrounding the sustainability of our lifestyles, Kevala is taking major action to ensure all aspects of production are both socially and ecologically responsible, whilst continuing to meet our high-quality standards and the needs of our clients. We go beyond meeting all government legislations and set more ambitious goals for our organisation.

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Kevala Image


Improving Energy Efficiency

Our purpose-built workshop was designed by London-trained architect Ian Chee from VX Design & Architecture. Created to work harmoniously with our craft and help displace the heat from kilns fired to 1200°C. The external walls feature breathable lattice brickwork to encourage airflow and roof skylights fill the workshop with natural lighting

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Circular Collection

Repurposing  Waste for Good

The Circular Collection is an eco-conscious collaboration between Kevala and designer Sara Howard. Instead of using new raw materials, this fourteen-piece tableware range is created from industrial byproducts that would otherwise be left to pollute our natural environments.

Reusable materials are captured from marble and granite factory slurries, clay and glaze residues retrieved from water treatment systems, and glass fragments filtered out of rivers. This is an ongoing project that aims to create beautiful and durable ceramics from 100% collected waste.

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Kevala Image


Rebuilding the Natural World

Ceramics are a perfect fit for coral propagation and make an excellent natural alternative to metal frames. Crafted in partnership with Patina Maldives, our handmade coral structures are helping to regenerate nearby reefs and keep them full of life.

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Kevala Shed

A Second Life 

We see the beauty and functionality that our second-grade items have to offer and believe they still deserve a place in a home. These items are sold at discounted prices at our Kevala Outlet.