United by Purpose

From the artisan throwing clay at the potter’s wheel to the designer sketching the next new collection, everyone at Kevala plays a role that makes us whole.

We are a family of professionals who believe in the transformative power of inspiration. It’s the force that fuels our
artisans’ hands, the essence that infuses life into our ceramics, and the energy that ignites our client’s creative journeys.

Our Founder

Wendy Thomas

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Founder Wendy Thomas has led Kevala on its journey towards becoming a global leader in premium handmade ceramics since 2006. Her dedication and success led to her being named Business Woman of the Year at the Bali WISE Awards in 2020.

She aims to keep reshaping industry standards while captivating restaurants and hotels worldwide with every new piece that leaves the Kevala workshop. Wendy continues to direct the company, collaborate with new clients, and share her knowledge with the team.


Reach the Right Person

Kevala has dedicated operations, sales
management, and design teams to ensure
every aspect of your project goes smoothly.

We make it easy for you to connect directly with the right person, so you can quickly get the answers you need. Find links to our department managers below.