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Our Journey

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For the past 17 years, Kevala has flourished among the deep-rooted artisanal traditions of Balinese culture. We started as a tight-knit group of passionate ceramicists and have grown into a dedicated team of specialised potters, painters, carvers, designers, and artists.

Now over 150 hotels trust us to make custom ceramics for hospitality decoration, dining, and wellness that reflect their distinctive character. Our bespoke tableware can also be seen in more than 200 restaurants across the world.


Whole, Perfect, Complete

Kevala is our Sanskrit name that translates to whole, perfect, and complete. It forms the essence of our ethos. We carry it with us as our professional philosophy when creating new collections, always respecting the value and beauty of made-to-order handcrafted ceramics.

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Mission Statement

Cultivating Craftsmanship

We foster an atmosphere of inclusivity at our workshop, creating a space where our artisans and clients can come together in harmony and explore their collective creativity.

Promoting the wellbeing of everyone working at Kevala always comes first, to ensure we are always up to the task of the most challenging design proposals.

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Made in Bali

Centuries of Artistic Heritage

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The island of Bali is renowned for its deep traditions in arts and crafts, and tapping into this intrinsic creativity helped shape Kevala’s bespoke communal design process.

Every custom ceramic collection is envisioned, modelled, and brought to life at our purpose built workshop in the east coast town of Sanur.

Product Evolution

Enduring Excellence

Decades of accumulated knowledge about the intricacies of clay body recipes and glaze textures fuels innovation at Kevala. We are continually experimenting with the latest processes and designs to forge our own path in the custom ceramics market.

To create the most durable stoneware we fire our kilns up to 1200°C. With such high temperatures we vitrify the glaze on each ceramic piece, creating a strengthening seal and smooth finish.

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Finding the Finest

Kevala sources the highest-quality raw materials from across Indonesia and the rest of the world to use as ingredients for our clay. We have tested countless clay formulations and every one is subjected to our rigorous quality control.

Freshly mixed clay is passed through a sieve to catch any coarse particles and magnetic filters are used to remove iron spots. It is then blended in a pugmill for a smooth and even consistency before being mixed with water and a dispersant for casting.

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Every Time

An essential characteristic of our ceramic creations is that they are always handmade. Each piece passes through at least ten pairs of gifted hands as it travels through the production journey.

Our unique process means slight variances in texture, glaze, size, and weight often occur across our collections, so even individual ceramic pieces have their own distinctive charm.