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Philip Lakeman


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Through the eyes of artist and ceramic tile designer Philip Lakeman from Melbourne, Australia.

Philip’s enduring collaboration and friendship with Kevala spans decades, rooted in a shared passion for art and creativity. Having called Bali home for the past 30 years, Philip has cultivated a unique artistic perspective within the vibrant surroundings of the island. In his studio, the focus extends beyond mere product creation; it is a dedicated space for crafting authentic works of art. Together, the dynamic alliance between Philip and Kevala has given rise to three distinctive collections, each offering its own unique theme and depth. Philip shares the inspiration behind his collections and discusses the importance of creative pauses and a nurturing environment. Join us to explore his artistic journey and the wisdom gained from a lifetime dedicated to genuine artistic expression.

Q . How would you describe yourself as a creative?

While I may be biased, my creativity is undeniably my life. At 67 years old, I’ve been immersed in this passion for as long as I can remember. Growing older with a lifetime of creativity is an exhilarating experience; ideas flow effortlessly, and my eye remains sharp. It’s a rewarding payback time in the best possible way.

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Q . What intrigues you about the ceramic medium?

Ceramics involves various processes that extend beyond your direct influence. Applying the glaze and putting your work in the kiln for firing are examples of these steps. The firing process enables your piece to become alive. There is nothing more exciting than opening the kiln to see a finished piece.

Q . What informs your choices of form and surface finish for your collection?

If we are talking about the Taksu Collection I like the forms to be large and simple. Much like a canvas, I appreciate having a vast, open space to craft the artwork. ‘Taksu’ is all about the art of storytelling. I want the surface-finish to be clear, allowing for an easy interpretation of the painting quality and brushstroke.

Q . Which item is your personal favorite and why?

In ‘Taksu,’ we’ve narrowed it down to three collections, and I find immense love for each due to their distinctiveness. Despite sharing a common thread in technique, what truly stands out is the contrast in themes that sets each collection apart from the others.

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Q . What advice would you give your younger creative self?

Enjoy the journey and stay true to yourself, even when the depth of your creative investment may not be immediately apparent. Suddenly, it all becomes clear, akin to hitting the jackpot. Abundance surrounds you, and you find yourself fluent in the language of creativity.

Q. 4 words that sum up your artistic process?


Q. Where do you find inspiration in your day to day life?

Inspiration is everywhere, especially when you live in a place like Bali. I have lived here for 30 years and each day is a reminder to be grateful for this abundance. For a creative soul, maintaining a certain pace is essential. Otherwise, the beauty of the surroundings or the brewing ideas might go unnoticed. It’s crucial to pause, appreciate, and truly ‘stop and smell the roses.’

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Taksu: Kevala x Philip Lakeman Collection

Taksu is all about story-telling. Each piece of the collection is a one-of-a-kind certified piece of art – No two pieces are the same.

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